A letter from the Director:

To our Maryland and Virginia competitors,

I am sorry to inform you that we will be cancelling our event at the following venues: Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD and Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA effective 3/13/2019. The 2019 Palmetto Digital Forensics Competition will still be held at the Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC on April 13th, 2019. We invite those who have registered or planned to register to contact us immediately at mailbox@palmettodfc.com if they wish to change their registration to the Trident Tech location here in North Charleston, SC. If traveling to SC for the event is an option, know we are working to arrange nearby hotel discounts.

Following a low registration count for both of our newly expanded locations in MD and VA and the approaching date of the event we agreed it was only fair to the competitors to make this decision. Our goal for the event is to engage students in the field of cyber by competing in a highly innovative, challenging and exciting digital forensics competition. With imminent possibility of such a low turnout in both Maryland and Virginia it was discussed in depth whether the competition experience would suffer. We want our students to experience the true competitive atmosphere and challenge the Palmetto Digital Forensics Competition was designed for, encouraging them to pursue the field of cyber security and most of all have fun.

Therefore, on behalf of the competition, I would like to apologize for the cancellation, especially for those who have already made travel plans and schedule changes. Unfortunately, these were circumstances which were beyond our control (hence a cancellation policy in the Rules & Instructions on the website) but we intend to stir additional interest next year with a valiant effort of expanding the competition to students outside of South Carolina. In the meantime, spread the word with your professors, teachers, peers and colleagues. Start thinking about who your teammates will be and seek out additional CTF (capture the flag) competitions for practice. We look forward to hearing from our friends in Maryland, Virginia next year and look forward to hearing from the first high school or college team.

Thank you everyone for your interest, energy and effort to help expand this competition and we’ll see you next year!

Sincere Regards,

Todd Remmel
Deputy Director
Palmetto Digital Forensics Competition
Palmetto Digital Forensics Competition